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 1.Site Rules

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PostSubject: 1.Site Rules   Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:53 pm

Here in FTRPG,I have set some rules that you have to follow,these rules are easy and you can follow,if you don't possibly,the mods or I can ban you here.But not early,to keep you happy,we give 3 Warnings,after 3 Warnings,then Only Docks,if you do thse things again.


Respect: Please be respectful to everybody on the site,whether it is a Member,A Mod,A Administrator or anybody,and yeah me too,we are.Intentional insults or discrimination may get you docked.(Or for a Particular time).

Profanity: Mild swearing is allowed, but please refrain from swearing every other word. Some people prefer not to be exposed to such content,and if failure,you may get docked.

Dark Wars:Avoid having big wars,world wars on the site,that will not tolerated,if you want to survive,please follow this rule
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1.Site Rules
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